“Tinder – The Musical” is a short comedy musical. Our hero is Eivind, a pretty normal, nice and handsome guy who’s looking for someone to care about. With him is his faithful best friend and cellphone, Andy, and we follow him on dates with very different women. You will probably recognize yourself in the situations and characters, so get ready to laugh!

“Tinder – The Musical” is the first musical I ever wrote. After a long line of unsuccessful tinder-dates I decided something good had to come out of it, so I sat down with pen, paper and all I had learned. I decided it had to be a comedy, but with a message. The hero’s best friend is a cellphone, which is a terrifyingly correct image of todays society.

The show has been played three years in a row (2016-2018) to amazing responses and ceaseless laughter.

Script, music and direction by Benedikte Sørbye